2021/22 Test: SEASON NOT STARTED. Pre-season begins:

25th Anniversary

You may or may not know that next season will be MLW's 25th Anniversary which is absolutely incredible!.

As part of the celebrations for this I have saved the website back to our first year on the website 2008/09. You can now go and view, who was in the league then, all the tables, even what team you had picked at the end of the season and who you bought and sold. Absolutely fascinating!!!!!

As the week progresses I will change the season moving forward so you can reminisce on that magical year when you got in the top 10!

As an addition I have started to compile a Managers Performance table (see link) so where all players have finished each campaign back to 2008/09. Some of the names I hadn't forgotten had competed. Some of them failed miserably. I will look back in the archives over the next few days and try to go back even further than that.

Managers Performance History

Any comments would be appreciated.

All good memories as far as I am concerned.