2023/24: LAST WEEK - Scoring only

Dec Prizes - Chris Gerrard 1st and Jeff Miller 2nd

Week 19

Wins = 15 (double bonus = 0)(Single Attacking bonus = 3)(Single Defensive bonus = 5)

Draws = 9 (0 bonus)

Loses = 3 (Losing Bonus = 0)

Sub Squad

Wins = 12

Draws = 7

Loses = 8

Up 4 places to 4th  - Richard Smith

Down 6 places - Paul Leech

Monthly - Congratulations to Chris Gerrard (£35) and Jeff Miller (£15) on the prolonged December prizes. Its a month that will take some getting over personally. Going into the Liverpool Newcastle match I was in pole position and only 4 goals for Liverpool could take my sub squad from 3-0 to 3-4 losing me the sub squad points and a top two spot. An 85th min diabolical penalty decision was the final nail in the coffin. So cruel, messed up by VAR. 

Top 3 remain unchanged but Richard Smith's move into the top 4 is unexpected, a position he has never found himself in before.