2022/23: PRE-SEASON - Deadline: Wed 03-Aug-2022 19:40

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Graham Highton takes Feb 1st prize

Well done Graham £30 added to the pot, his 7th careeer monthly win

Top 4 Bottom 4 (end of Feb 22)

Latest tables:


1 Andy Peaden 146
2 Paul Borg 147
3 Simon Ashworth 148


Divisional leaders

Prem Pts Champ Pts L1 Pts L2 Pts
Shaun Tunstall  6 Andy Peaden 34 Andy Peaden 34 Simon Ashworth 29


Royce T4B4 by Player | My Lost Weekend FFL

Royce's T4B4 Overall and by Division | My Lost Weekend FFL

Worst Selection / League Positions | My Lost Weekend FFL


MLW QF Results

All 4 games were decided this weekend, Man C defence playing a pivotal role!

Adrian Franklin 3pts to 0 beat Chris Gerrard

Paul Keech 3pts to 0 beat Graham Highton

Paul Leech 3 points to -1 beat Bing Findlater

Andrea Howard 4pts to 3 beat Simon Baldwin

Semi final games will be played week 28 (we 4th to 7th March)

2021/22 MLW Cup | My Lost Weekend FFL

MLW Cup Round 1 replay results

The 3 round 1 replays are complete:

Adrian Franklin beat Lesley Rigby 3pts to 0

Graham Highton beat Jeff Miller 3pts to 0

Bing Findlater beat Paul Gerrard 2pts to 0

QF games (to be played this weekend)

Chris Gerrard v Adrian Franklin

Paul Keech v Graham Highton

Paul Leech v Bing Findlater

Simon Baldwin v Andrea Howard

Week 25 Results

Graham Highton leads the way in the month by 1pt from Andrew Highton and Chris Gerrard.

Little movement overall, only Peter Gerrard up 3 to 8th showing any change in the top 9 

Cup Round 1 replay results to follow. 

Showing 1 - 5 of 9 Items (Page 1 of 2)