2022/23: Month 1 (Aug): Week 03 - Deadline: Fri 19-Aug-2022 19:55

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Latest Monthly/Overall Tables

After week 24, Graham Jeffries tops to the overall table from me and Colin Rigby. One week to go in the monthly and Andy Peaden is two pts clear of Craig Frost and a further point clear of Paul Leech

MLW Cup Semi Final Results

This weekend just gone saw our MLW cup semi finals ---> RESULTS

Alan Keech was unfortunate to go out after his 3-1 win lost out to Andy Peaden's clean sheet victory.

The other was a little more clear cut as Paul Leech's win was enough to take him through as Peter Gerrard lost 3-2.

The final will be in two weeks (week 26 first weekend in March).

Both Paul and Andy are guaranteed a financial return what ever happens.

Top 4 Bottom 4 - Andy Peaden (current leader)

Andy Peaden leads the top4 bottom 4 competition by just two points from (I am ashamed to say) Lindsey Keech or as I am currently claiming my 2nd entry!!!!
Current divisional leaders are Stephen Fowler (Prem), John Hyde (Championship), Joel Lewinson (League 1), Simon Ashworth (League 2)


Good week for the Paul's

Paul Gerrard, Leech and Keech all managed a maximum 5pt win from their main team this week, only spoilt by an Andy (Peaden)

MLW Cup Replays complete

Replays complete and Alan Keech, Peter Gerrard and Simon Baldwin are though to the QF (this weekend).
Click on the attached to see who plays who.
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