2021/22: Month 1 (Aug/Sept): Week 06 - Deadline: Fri 24-Sep-2021 19:40

MLW Cup Details

MLW cup detail
Deadline for MLW Cup payment Wed 18th
Thu 19th - Prelim Draw to reduce teams down to 16 players for round 1 (live on WhatsApp group)
Boxing Day - Prelim Round any replays in the midweek games following.
Table Split to identify top and bottom of the draw
Round 1 - played on FA cup round 3 weekend
Please note the change below:
It is simply your result against your opponent, this time games will be split by pts (for your main league).
Replays by points for the main league, total points including sub squad, then by all from the main league (goal difference, goals scored or if scores match by goal diff and goals scored from the first match in that order).