2021/22: Month 5 (January): Week 22 - Deadline: Fri 21-Jan-2022 19:55

MLW Cup Final - Craig Frost takes the cup

An incredible end to the MLW cup final. It went to the final match last night.

Before that a replay looked on the cards as both Craig Frost and Simon Baldwin were both losing. It all came down to Jamie Vardy in the end. Vardy has missed a few games and clearly both players who had him in their squad had to decide whether he should in the team. Craig decided to go with him and at 3-1 down needed he to score 2 goals which he got. Simon decided the opposite and left him on the bench. Simon (who is gutted by the way!) finished up winning 6-0 on his sub squad and unfortunately that played no part in the overall result (only counts in any replay).

Craig now joins Rob Bushell and Andrew Highton at the top of the Hall of Fame for most cup wins taking his total to 3. 

Well done to Craig who wins £36 and Simon who takes £20.