2021/22: Month 1 (Aug/Sept): Week 06 - Deadline: Fri 24-Sep-2021 19:40

MLW Cup - List of players

MLW Cup Competition
I have confirmation and payment for participation in our MLW cup from the following:
Paul Keech, Alan Keech, Simon Baldwin, Andrew Highton Graham Highton, Paul R Leech, Wayne Moody, Graham Jeffries, Craig & William Frost, Tony Barrett, Andy Peaden, Adrian Franklin & Royce Franklin, Andrea Howard, Jordan Watkiss, Jay Harmer, Colin Rigby, Owen Griffiths, James Baldwin, Harry Baldwin and Matt Wakeman (22 in total)
NO from Rob Bushell, Richard Smith, Chris Lyons, Simon Barrett, Paul Hibbert and Shaun Moody (from the entry form but they can change their mind of course!)
The following indicated participation but I do not think I have not received the £2 per entry fee with the main entry so will need payment by Wed 18th Dec