2021/22: Month 1 (Aug/Sept): Week 06 - Deadline: Fri 24-Sep-2021 19:40

MLW Cup Prelim round replays

Final replay results
Paul Keech (W3-1) v Matt Wakeman (D1-1) = Paul wins 3pts to 1
Andrea Howard (W2-0) v Tony Barrett (L1-6) = Andrea wins 4pts to -1
Alan Keech (L2-3) v Danny Owen (W2-1) = Dan wins 3pts to 0
Paul Gerrard (L1-5) v Andrew Highton (L0-4)= -1pts each
Sub - Paul D1-1, Andrew W3-2. Andrew wins based on sub squad result
Peter Gerrard (D2-2) v James Baldwin (D1-1) = 1pt each
Sub - Peter (L0-2), James (L1-2) - Peter through on goals scored (main league).
Replays decided in the following order by points for the main league, total points including sub squad, then by all from the main league (goal difference, goals scored or if scores match by goal diff and goals scored from the first match in that order).