2022/23: PRE-SEASON - Deadline: Wed 03-Aug-2022 19:40

MLW Euro Championships 2020 Competition (played in 2021)

MLW Euros Competition 2020
The Concept
Select for each match, 1 of 6 result options and also decide before the initial deadline where each team will finish in their group and answer 5 varied bonus questions. For each knockout round the match choices continue all the way through to the final. Its as simple as that!
Option 1 - The cost of the MLW open competition is £10. You can enter as many times as you want. Once entered you can recommend up to 10 new players (or more with multiple entries) and receive a £1 discount off your entry for each one, until you have gained yourself free entry. Please be aware payment must be received no later than Thurs 24/06/2021 (end of Group Phase) otherwise your entry will be invalidated. Deadline for your entry is the Wed 9th June 2021.
Entries can be handwritten or sent via email (Email completion is preferred!).
What do I do?
Go to the Entry Form tab, fill in the blue boxes using the dropdowns - Name, matches 1 to 36, Group Placings and Bonuses (knockout results will be asked for later)
The Competition
The competition itself is split into 2 phases – the group phase followed by the knockout phase. The group phase consists of 36 matches (and group placings) and the knockout phase consists of a further 16 matches and bonuses. You can find a full list of the group fixtures on the website (www.mlwff.co.uk) along with the name of the 4 teams in each of the 6 groups. All you have to do is predict the result outcome of each game (not the score).
Prize Money
There will be prize money for the top 2 points scorers in each of 2 phases, top 3 overall plus one consolation prize making 8 prizes in all. It is possible for one person to win more than one prize.
The 3 categories are Group Phase, Knockout Phase and Grand Total. The Grand Total is the points from the Group Phase and Knockout Phase added together. It is possible for you to finish outside the top 2 in the Group Phase and Knockout Phase categories but still end up as the overall winner. There is also a consolation prize for the most near misses on all match predictions throughout the tournament i.e. you get the result correct but not the result option.  
The prize pot will be distributed as follows:
Group 1st   15%    Knockout 1st     15%      Overall        1st      30%           
Group 2nd  10%     Knockout 2nd   10%      Overall        2nd      10%
                                                              Overall       3rd         5%
Most `near' misses on match predictions       5%
Bonus Points (selected at the start of the competition)
There are ways of earning bonus points throughout the tournament. Although the bonus points are only awarded after the tournament has ended, you must make your predictions before it starts.
After each phase or round of the tournament has been completed each participant must submit his or her predictions for the next phase. There is a deadline before which they must have submitted their predictions. You will be able to submit it as each match is decided so you do not have to wait until every match in that round is complete. If the predictions are not received on time then no points will be scored for the matches concerned.
Matches - 3pts if spot on, 1pt near miss (results in the Knockout at 90 mins)
Placing - 2pts for each correct
Finalists - 10pts each one
Winner - 20 pts
Top Scorer goals - 5pts
Goals in competition - 10pts spot on, 5pts for <=5 away, 3pts for <=10 away.
Group Phase
1-36 matches and group placings
Knockout Phase
Matches 37 to 51
All Bonuses