2021/22: Month 1 (Aug/Sept): Week 06 - Deadline: Fri 24-Sep-2021 19:40

Rules changes agreed for 2019/20

Changes agreed and implemented for next season:

  1. Bigger squad - 4 teams to be purchased, 14 players (pick 2 and 7 each week) to give a greater variation of teams.
  2. Budget increase to £55m to compensate for extra purchases.
  3. Sub Squad table to be removed (allows for more prizes for the monthly and season tables) - only those right at the top took any notice of it.
  4. Sub Squad points changed to simply 2pts for a win and 1pt for a draw (no bonuses).
  5. The points awarded in 4) above will be added to the monthly and overall tables as sub bonuses - max points in a week is now 7. This will help players to progress up the league easier, will reward players for a good, balanced squad, helps split the monthly tables when players win 5 out of 5 and don't win anything and provide more options on FA Cup weekends later in the season when teams are not playing.
Hope you like the changes. Let us know what you think.