2023/24: LAST WEEK - Scoring only


The following table is based on players entered for 2013/14 and the seeds and pot each player is assigned to. It is based on finishing position from last season with new players/returners at the end (in order of date of entry). As entries come in this table will be adjusted. 


Paul Gerrard

Craig Frost

Colin Rigby

Ian Cowburn

Pot 1 Simon Barrett Ish Beg Andy Peaden Owen Griffiths
Pot 2 Matt Hall Rob Bushell Andrew Highton Adrian Franklin
Pot 3 Royce Franklin Paul Leech Jeff Miller P/C Gerrard
Pot 4 Alan Keech Paul Keech Russ Farnham Ben Watson
Pot 5 Margaret Highton Wayne Moody Graham Highton Simon Baldwin
Pot 6 Chris Lyons Barry Tomlinson Graham Jeffries Chris Savage
Pot 7 Richard Smith Mark Davies Keech/Owen Rob Nott
Pot 8 Gavin/Andrea/Alison/John/Matt Danny Inman    


Each seeded player will choose one player from each pot with Paul (seed 1) getting first choice, Craig (seed 2) 2nd choice etc.

Once selected each group (and fixtures) will displayed on each tab - Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D

It will then be all play all in a mini league starting week 3 (fixtures will be shown in the diary). The results will be decided by match pts only (3pts for a win and 1pt for a draw), goal difference will count.

for eg Player A wins 4-0 (4pts), Player B wins 3-1 (3pts) - Player A gains 3pts (and a +4 goal difference), Player B 0pts but a +2 goal difference.

Top 2 players in each group will go through to the Champions League Quarter Finals.

3rd placed and 4th placed player will go through to the Quarter Final of the consolation cup.