2021/22: Month 5 (January): Week 22 - Deadline: Fri 21-Jan-2022 19:55

Season officially over - Col Rigby new champion

As you well know we have all been waiting for some sort of progress on the next steps for the resumption of the football season. It was made clear by the committee last week that unless all 4 divisions agreed on a return where we could group each division into sets of weekly fixtures to finish the season we could not continue. Clearly League 2 who agreed to cancel the rest of the season today means we can no longer finish 2019/20 season (lots of players have league 2 players and defences).


The decision is therefore as follows:

·         The final positions will be as the table stands now after 30 weeks. Colin Rigby will therefore win the title this season (a muted celebration and knowing Col not the way he would have wanted to win). The top 7 places will receive an end of season payment.

·         Monthly prizes won will also stand.

·         The only issue we have is that March and April/May monthly prizes, a total of £115. The committee have suggested two options, a donation to charity – Oldham Foodbank has been mentioned or to carry over to next season. Splitting £3.50 each is a little too complex and I am sure/hope you agree for such a low amount the amount of time to sort this is not really worth it. As it is your money we (the committee) cannot decide this for you. Please vote for which option you want 1) Donation, 2) Rollover. Any of you select option 2) this money (I will round this up to £4 per player) will be added to next seasons prize fund (whenever that is!). If you do not reply option 1) donation will be selected for you. Please reply by Wed next week.


Prize Summary