2021/22 Test: SEASON NOT STARTED. Pre-season begins:

They thinks its all over it is now!

They think it is all over it is now!

Hope you have all enjoyed this season. 

A massive congratulations to Graham Jeffries for his 3rd Championship title. He made his winning debut in 2010/11 and is the only person to retain the title in the 24 years of the competition in 2011/12. He will now look to overtake Tim Owen at the top of the Hall of Fame table next season and is highly likely to do so. What’s the secret Graham?

Well done to William Frost (and youngest competitor!) running him extremely close and making it exciting right up to the last week. 

Prizes (and money owed) in the link below. Please confirm whether you want to:

·         Receive all monies owed.

·         Put all towards next season

·         Put some towards next season and also receive some (please specify details)



After some initial doubts about the continuation of MLW we move into our magnificent 25th year next season. We will have some additional help in terms of the running of the competition as a number of players now have manager logins (just need training now!). They will be tested right away at the start of next season as I will be away for the first 3 weekends so someone needs to step forward to at least add the scores in!!

I intend to push forward with some changes to the format of the competition as agreed and discussed with committee to make it bigger and better than ever before (a minor step next season and hopefully with some support from our guru Richard some possible major changes the following season). PLEASE SUPPORT US OR WE CANT RUN THE COMPETITION. 

Next season:

·         Squad change – move from 12 strikers and 3 teams to equal size main and sub squad 14 strikers (7 in each) and 4 teams (2 in each). Budget will rise (still to be agreed). No intervention required from Richard.

·         Hopefully to make sure sub squad has full focus a points change (still to be agreed with Richard). Sub Squad reduces to 2pts for a win and 1pt for a draw (no bonuses) and these are bonus points added to the main league (move max points in week from 5 to 7). Look after your whole squad and this will be beneficial. Have no decent back up players and like the real thing you don’t win the league. Sub Squad league would only continue if we have enough entries otherwise the pot will be required elsewhere.  

Following season thoughts/considerations (a number of people are happy to donate funds to help with these developments):

·         Your Chief Scout picks a couple of players each week (not purchased) and if either score gain 1 bonus point

·         You assign an Assistant Manager with varying costs from one of the 92 clubs – that team wins in the period you gain 1 bonus point

·         Good disciplinary record – all 7 players get through the weekend with no yellow cards you gain 1 bonus point. Any red cards you lose a bonus.

·         Some (not sure how many) of your squad of 7 provide an assist you gain 1 bonus point.

·         We are also considering individual deadlines giving greater flexibility

·         Possible purchasing sell outs at an increased (and increasing!) price. 

Please give next season another go. You can start by confirming your prizes distribution and completing the entry form on the website.