2022/23: PRE-SEASON - Deadline: Wed 03-Aug-2022 19:40

Top / Bottom 4 Winners!

The final Top 4/Bottom 4 now uploaded.

Massive congratulations to Simon Ashworth on winning the overall competition and League 2 (total £85)

Dave Tunstall took 2nd place and League 1 (£45)

Stephen Fowler (Prem) at £10, Simon Barrett (Championship) at £10 take the divisional consolation prizes

Royce T4B4 by Player | My Lost Weekend FFL

Royce's T4B4 Overall and by Division | My Lost Weekend FFL

Position by Division over time (Best/Worst Selection) | My Lost Weekend FFL

I will be running this again next season, hopefully you have enjoyed it enough to join again.

In the meantime I will be running a Euros prediction competition (see attached) at £10 a go.

You could also join our main MLW league where the top/bottom 4 results are saved.