2021/22: Month 5 (January): Week 22 - Deadline: Fri 21-Jan-2022 19:55

Top/Bottom 4 - 30 entries

UPDATE - We have one extra to make it 30 - the entry was sent before the deadline to one of our players but only sent to me after the deadline

Firstly thank you for all signing up to my additional MLW competition, top and bottom 4. I know Royce is really pleased it is continuing and having read some of your emails many of you are as well. Considering I only sent the email out last weekend 29 entries is great effort, today has been a busy day collating it all!!!


We have £150 in the pot so I am suggesting £10 for each division winner, £75 for overall 1st and £35 for 2nd.

All the selections are now on the website and you can view them by clicking the links below.

You can also view which teams have been selected (bottom link) – 13 of you have Oldham in the bottom 4 thanks!!!!!






First update will be the end of September.