2023/24: LAST WEEK - Scoring only

Week 26 - we 16th to 19th Feb

Week 26

Wins = 10 (double bonus = 1 - Craig Frost)(Single Attacking bonus = 1)(Single Defensive bonus = 0)

Draws = 6 (0 bonus)

Loses = 11 (Losing Bonus = 1 - Chris Lyons, Conner Jones, Graham Jeffries, Jordan Gower)

Sub Squad

Wins = 5

Draws = 4

Loses = 18

Up 5 - Craig Frost to 7th

Down none

Monthly - Just one week to go in this long month and Harry Baldwin is 2pts clear of Paul Leech a further point clear from Paul Gerrard. It looks like it is between those 3. As we had to squeeze an extra week in due to the Prem partial break this monthly extends to 8 weeks last minute - it would have been split into 2 months otherwise at the start of the season. The prizes have been assigned so we can't do this. 

Overall - Graham Jeffries is finally removed from top spot to be replaced by Graham Highton. He has been leading the league since week 3! Paul Leech is 3rd closely followed by the Baldwin pair.