2022/23: PRE-SEASON - Deadline: Wed 03-Aug-2022 19:40

Week 3 Report/Summary

Week 3                
    Double Bonus Single Bonus Single Bonus Lost Bonus      
      Goals + Defence   Goals Scored Goals Against Total
Wins 15 0 1 5       0
Draws 4     0   57 41  
Loses 6       0      
Sub Squad                
Wins 4              
Draws 7              
Loses 14              


5 players hold onto a 100% record, Adrian Franklin has a 1pt lead over Graham Jeffries, me and Graham Highton. Chris Gerrard with the help of extra bonus points is also 1pt off the lead. Lesley Rigby is the other player with 100% record but she has yet to gain any sub squad bonuses points leaving her 3pts off the top. Richard Smith and Alan Keech have started poorly both yet to trouble the scorer in the main league but off the mark with sub bonuses. 

Its now a weeks break due to the International, we will back in two weeks time. 

Finally thanks to all for such prompt payment. We have 22 players signed up for the cup competition. This will be played from Christmas onwards. 1st prize = £30, 2nd prize £14.