2021/22: Month 2 (Oct): Week 09 - Deadline: Fri 22-Oct-2021 19:40

Weekly Results

Very few winners this week, Simon Baldwin has early lead in month 2 by 1pt from 5 players. 

Little change overall, Chris Gerard still leads by 3pts from me, Graham highton stays 3rd, the big movers are Andrew Highton up 6th to 4th and Graham Jeffries up 6 to 5th. 

Weekly Results - 2021/22: Week 07
Still to Play
Defence ConcededDefence
Still to Play
Argentine Tango - Bueno!Baldwin, SimonW1-04Mane, Sadio=1    
Hart brings HopeBarrett, SimonD1-11Vokes, Sam=1  Chelsea=1  
KDB EliteFindlater, BingL1-30Salah, Mohamed=1  Manchester City=2 : West Bromwich Albion=1  
The False NinesFranklin, AdrianL2-40Vokes, Sam=1 : Matt, Jamille=1  Chelsea=1 : Birmingham City=3  
Harrop ImpsFranklin, RoyceL4-50Vokes, Sam=1 : Chair, Ilias=1 : Lavery, Shayne=1 : Scully, Anthony=1  West Bromwich Albion=1 : Morecambe=4  
I Pinguini tornanoFrost, CraigD1-11Matt, Jamille=1  AFC Bournemouth=1  
Yann Sommer of '69Gerrard, ChristopherW3-23Brereton, Ben=1 : Hardie, Ryan=1 : Bonne, Macauley=1  Plymouth Argyle=2  
It's Coming HomeGerrard, PaulL1-5-1Stockley, Jayden=1  Manchester City=2 : Wycombe Wanderers=3  
Chez GeekGerrard, PeterL1-40Hardie, Ryan=1  Manchester City=2 : Plymouth Argyle=2  
Black Country BabbiesGower, JordanL3-40Matt, Jamille=1 : Miller, George=2  Walsall=2 : Plymouth Argyle=2  
Harmers Hangovers Harmer, JayL4-50Solanke, Dominic=1 : Scully, Anthony=1 : Keane, Will=1 : Bonne, Macauley=1  Fulham=4 : AFC Bournemouth=1  
The Foreign ImportsHighton, AndrewW4-13Salah, Mohamed=1 : Armstrong, Luke=1 : Brereton, Ben=1 : Bonne, Macauley=1  Chelsea=1  
Fulchester UnitedHighton, GrahamL3-40Brereton, Ben=1 : Armstrong, Luke=1 : Bonne, Macauley=1  Manchester City=2 : Sheffield Wednesday=2  
Bowling for TartsHoward, AndreaL1-30Scully, Anthony=1  Liverpool=2 : Tranmere Rovers=1  
6leagues lowerthan OldhamJeffries, GrahamW3-23Salah, Mohamed=1 : Solanke, Dominic=1 : Grigg, Will=1  Sheffield Wednesday=2  
Curle's CurlersKeech, AlanL0-4-1  Leyton Orient=3 : Harrogate =1  
Lemmies Out!Keech, PaulL2-40Brereton, Ben=1 : Scully, Anthony=1  Ipswich Town=2 : Sheffield Wednesday=2  
MenOfLowMoralFibre FCLeech, PaulL2-30Brereton, Ben=1 : Salah, Mohamed=1  Plymouth Argyle=2 : AFC Bournemouth=1  
World Heritage Site XILyons, ChrisL3-50Lavery, Shayne=1 : Grigg, Will=1 : Vokes, Sam=1  Fulham=4 : Manchester United=1  
Jazzy JeffMiller, JeffL1-20Solanke, Dominic=1  Exeter=2  
Superficial CatPeaden, AndyL1-40Vokes, Sam=1  Manchester City=2 : Leicester City=2  
Ascot AlbionRigby, ColinD3-31Matt, Jamille=1 : Gyokeres, Viktor=2  Birmingham City=3  
Fodder MonstersRigby, LesleyW2-13Gyokeres, Viktor=2  Chelsea=1  
Uxello GeeksSmith, RichardW3-13Salah, Mohamed=1 : Yates, Jerry=1 : Hemmings, Kane=1  Tottenham Hotspur=1  
Chaddy and HerculesWakeman, MatthewL3-50Vardy, Jamie=1 : Gyokeres, Viktor=2  Chelsea=1 : Fulham=4  
Weekly Results - 2021/22: Week 07