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Welcome to MLW


My Lost Weekend FFL, the most original of Fantasy Football Leagues

NOW IN ITS 27th YEAR!    

2020/21 - Entries total = 28 plus 3 newcomers 

2021/22 - Entries total = 13

Deadline - next is the Euro Championships - Wed 9th June for entries

Euro entries = 40 - thank you!

2020/21 - TOP/BOTTOM 4 - 30 entries

The league, run by a committee of 5, began in 1994 as a simple works FFL in Runcorn, Cheshire and has developed each year to the exciting game it is today.

Forget assists and formations, this is simply based on goals for and against. Premiership, Championship, League 1 and 2 are used with 7 strikers chosen by you each week (out of a squad of 14) as your goals 'for'; compared (in a match format) to goals conceded by two chosen teams (from a squad of 4) representing your Goalkeeper and Defence as your goals 'against' each weekend. The beauty of it is its simplicity!

For more information on how it all works click here.

Our World Cup 2018 prediction website is now LIVE! @ www.mlwff.co.uk

PosTeamManager P W D LFΔ Pts
PosTeamManager P W D LFΔ Pts
PosTeamManager P W D LFΔ Pts