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2007/08 League Cup

This page provides details of the 2007 League Cup competition.



FINAL REPLAY (7/12 to 10/12)

TIM OWEN (W6-3) 4pts                                                        beat                       EMMA MCFARLANE (D2-2) 1pt

FINAL (30/11 to 3/12)

TIM OWEN  (W3-2) 3pts                                                      drew with       EMMA MCFARLANE (W2-1)

Semi Final (23/11 to 26/11)  

A    Stevie G (Union Tavern)  L2-3  (0pts)                          lost to              Emma McFarlane D2-2 (1pt)

B    Tim Owen  W1-0 (4pts)                                                  beat                 Deb/David Long  D1-1 (1pt)

QF Replay (9/11 to 12/11)

C   Tim Owen W4-1 (3pts)                                                    beat                 Chris/Peter Gerrard L3-8 (-1pt)

QF (2/11 to 5/11)

C   Tim Owen D2-2 (1pt)                                                       drew                Chris/Peter Gerrard D1-1 (1pt)

QF (26/10/07 to 29/10/07)

A      Stevie G (Union Tavern)  W5-1 (4pts)   Beat           Stu Jones L1-4 (0pts)

B      Emma McFarlane  W2-0 (4pts)             Beat            Wayne Moody W3-1 (3pts)

D      Patrick Williams  L4-6 (-1pt)                  Lost to          Debra/David Long W2-0 (4pts) 

2nd Round Replays (26/10/07 to 29/10/07)

E    Chris/Peter Gerrard  W3-1 (3pts)   Beat             Royce Franklin W2-1 (3pts) on goal difference

2nd Round Replays (19/10/07 to 22/10/07) 

B    Patrick Williams W5-0 (5pts)         Beat              Dan Owen W3-1 (3pts)

F    Paul Leech L0-6 (-1pts)                  lost to            Stevie G (Union Tavern) L0-4 (0pts) 

2nd Round 05/10/07 to 08/10/07

A.      Alex Hampson L 2-5 (-1pt)           Lost to                  Emma McFarlane L 1-2 (0pt)

B       Patrick Williams W 3-1 (3pts)      Drew with            Dan Owen W 4-1 (3pts)

C       Tim Owen W 5-1 (4 pts)                Beat                     Rhys Jones W 3-1 (3pts)

D       Debra/David Long D 3-3 (1pt)      Beat                     Ken Trainer/Sarah Bell L 1-4 (0pts)

E        Peter/Chris Gerrard L1-3 (0pts)  Drew with           Royce Franklin L0-4 (0pts)

F        Paul Leech L 2-4 (0pts)                 Drew with           Stevie G (Union Tavern) L 1-4 (0pts)

G       Wayne Moody W 2-1 (3pts)            Beat                     Rob Bushell L 2-4 (0 pts)

H       Jeff Miller L 1-2 (0pts)                      Lost to                Stu Jones W 3-1 (3 pts)

1st Round 2nd Replay (Weekend 05/10/07 to 08/10/07)

F.   Royce Franklin W 2-1 (3pts)               Beat                   Craig Frost D 1-1 (1pt)

1st Round Replay 28/09/07 to 01/10/07

F.    Royce Franklin   L1-5 (-1pt)                drew with    Craig Frost  L1-5 (-1pt)  

1st Round (Weekend 21/09/07 to 24/09/07)

A.   Rob Bushell  D2-2 (1pt)                        beat              Austin Kershaw  L0-3 (0pts) 

B.   Shaun Moody   L0-4 (0pts)                   lost to           Patrick Williams  W5-1 (4pts)

C.    Adam Powsney   L1-4 (0pts)              lost to           Ken Trainer & Sarah Bell  D3-3 (1pt)

D.    Ryan Moody  L2-3 (0pts)                     lost to           Emma McFarlane  W3-2 (3pts)

E.    Matt Hall    L0-4 (0pts)                          lost to           Dan Owen  W4-3 (3pts) 

F.    Royce Franklin   L0-3 (0pts)                drew             Craig Frost   L0-2 (0pts)             REPLAY

G.    Rhys Jones    W4-1 (3pts)                   beat              Paul Keech  L2-3 (0pts)

H.    Paul Gerrard   L2-6 (-1pts)                  lost to           Peter & Chris Gerrard  L2-4  (0pts) 

I.    Simon Baldwin   L1-4 (0pts)                 lost to           Stu Jones  W3-2 (3pts)

J.    Steve G    D3-3 (1pt)                              beat               Paul O'Brien L0-4 (0pts) 

K.    Debra & Dave Long   W3-2 (3pts)      beat               Hazel & Natalie Farnham   L0-4 (0pts)

L.    Tim Owen   W3-0 (4pts)                        beat              Pete Grundy  L3-4 (0pts)

M.    Mark Davies   L2-5 (-1pts)                    lost to           Alex Hampson  L0-3 (0pts) 

N.    Graham Highton   L1-6 (-1pts)            lost to           Jeff Miller  L1-2 (0pts) 

O.    Paul Leech   W7-4 (4pts)                      beat              Russ Farnham  L0-3 (0pts)

P.    Wayne Moody    W5-2 (4pts)                 beat              Dan Swain  L2-4 (0pts) 

Preliminary Round Replay 14/09/07 to 17/09/07

2.    Gavin Kelly             L1-4 (0pts)                  v    Shaun Moody     L1-3 (0pts)             Shaun Moody (on goal diff)

Preliminary Round (Weekend 31/08/07 to 03/09/07)

1.    Rob Bushell         W2-1  (3pts)                 v    Tunde Olajide    L2-3 (0pts)             Winner Rob Bushell

2.    Gavin Kelly             L0-4 (0pts)                  v    Shaun Moody     L0-1 (0pts)             REPLAY

3.    Adam Powsney     W2-1 (3pts)                v    John/Phil Kelly    L0-1 (0pts)             Winner Adam Powsney

4.    Ryan Moody            W1-0 (4pts)               v    Simon Waller       L0-3 (0pts)            Winner Ryan Moody 

5.    Colin Rigby              L1-5 (-1pts)              v    Matt Hall                L0-2 (0pts)            Winner Matt Hall  

6.    Alan Keech              L1-3 (0pts)                v    Royce Franklin     W3-0 (4pts)          Winner Royce Franklin

7.    Rhys Jones             L1-3 (0pts)                v    Ian Cowburn         L1-5 (-1pts)          Winner Rhys Jones