2023/24: LAST WEEK - Scoring only

Season Preview (2007-2008)

Keech the Bookie has completed his season preview below now all teams are in. It is based on past history and your original team only. If your transfers are imaginative and inspirational, clearly Keech the bookie cannot predict that. Hope you take it as it is, a little bit of fun and the challenge is for you to either prove me right or completely wrong !!!

Only get concerned if I predict you to win !  

1st Graham Highton  (3/1F). Last season (14th).

This season Graham has received the cursed top spot prediction. With some serious firepower upfront and some possible bargain defences, this year could be his year (or maybe not now!). This could be some consolation for missing out on the prized committee role.  

2nd Rhys Jones (10/3). Last season (7th)

Rhys has frequently performed well, runner up in 2004, 7th last season after a sustained run-in and 4th in 2005. Could go close based on this initial selection, strong at the back and plenty of decent goalscorers up front.  

3rd Dan Owen (7/2). Last season (9th).

Its about time this boy came good, very hard working manager and could certainly have a squeak with this lineup. West Ham a possible slight risk. Other than that they could be dancing in the streets of TNS ! 

4th Paul Keech  (4/1). Last season (Champion)

Current champion has alot on his plate to be the first to retain the title. Surely all luck was used up last season, especially on that dramatic last day of the season. The new website distraction won't help either. Pleased with the initial selection, slight risks around Maclean, Todorov and Martin. Lita's freak `bed' injury ensured that it deprived me of my first choice striker ! 

5th Rob Bushell  (9/2). Last season (12th)

Another ultra consistent performer who never actually secures the big prize. Regular top 10 finish and the same could apply here. Phillips who surprisingly few have picked could really pay off. Still not convinced about Everton.  

6th Tim Owen  (5/1). Last season (11th)

Our big time Charlie is not happy. He clearly did not enjoy the experience of my success last season and thinks I have tapped him up for information this time around. Paranoia has clearly set in. A decent selection to get him off and running but just tries too hard these days.   

7th Patrick Williams (11/2). Last season (29th)

A big risk taken here with this lofty prediction. He has always flattered to deceive in the past but says he is determined to improve for this season. Time will tell. I actually quite like the look of his team, Newcastle will certainly be less cavalier under big Sam. 

8th Paul O'Brien  (6/1). Last season (Newcomer)

Clearly do not know a great deal about this newcomer so no history to base this top 10 prediction. He was also possibly a little nieve showing his hand so soon. Promising first choice though if a little risky at the back. 

9th Simon Baldwin  (13/2). Last season (13th)

Again another who has spent alot on the big hitters. Ashton a risk after such a lengthy absence and Mifsud also a gamble. Potential problems at the back. Did have a pre season reshuffle which removed some injury doubts and previous form has elevated Simon into my top 10.  

10th Colin Rigby  (7/1). Last season (33rd)

Colin really struggled last season but did have 3 teams running similtaneously. With just one this time around I expect a much better showing. Has managed to get Chelsea and not really compromise the attack. Aliadiere could do well but is still an unknown quantity.    

11th Russ Farnham (8/1). Last season (6th)

Possibly the Teddy Sheringham of the league, past his best but keeps going. For the last 2 seasons Stato has started poorly but came with a late run. Predicted slightly lower than normal as unsure of Utaka credentials and not convinced Parker will cut it in this higher league. With Lita's injury on top of that it could mean another sluggish first couple of months and Russ having to play catch up. 

12th Paul Leech  (9/1). Last season (5th)

A top half predicted finish for Mr Leech. Torres (for some reason not a popular choice), Adebayor and Benayoun may do better than expected. Not convinced by Everton, Fowler (has he the drive?) and Morrell (at this higher level).  

13th Stu Jones  (10/1). Last season (3rd)

Former winner and notorious slow starter has a top half team here. Strong at the back but I reckon I could pick holes in the selections of Bellamy, Fowler, Morrison and Mellor. King and Van Persie have to be big players for him. 

14th Debra/David Long (11/1). Last season (23rd)

With a season under their belts I am expecting some improvement this time around. Lack of staying power told last season. Many of the selections have been selected by others so the lack of originality could see them finish in the pack in mid table.

15th Austin Kershaw  (12/1). Last season (Newcomer)

Austin being a big Latics fan and all round footy know all should do well in this competition. Obviously the newcomer status may hold him back. Excellent initial selection but needs to use his transfers wisely and learn to surf the net a little more ! 

16th Shaun Moody (12/1). Last season (2nd)

Shaun had an incredible first season only losing out to my miraculous recovery in the final week. Can he emulate it this time time around. Concerns over Huckerby and Nolan contributing up front but does look strong at the back .Think Shaun will come out top in the family competition. 

17th John/Phil Kelly  (14/1). Last season (8th)

An excellent first season, although there was a slight dip in form post Christmas. There is though encouragement for the new season. John has alot on at the moment with his house so dad will have to keep on top of the game to continue the progress. Big guns Nugent (may not cut it at prem level) and Eastwood (not guaranteed first choice) so I would suggest mid table obscurity. 

18th Craig Frost  (14/1). Last season (30th)

Well he has a baaad feeling about this, might be justified. A little care and attention to this team and he could do ok. Will though get distracted chasing me in his Fantasy League - enough said !!!!

19th Ian Cowburn  (16/1). Last season (31st)

Ian after a season of struggle recovered some pride (and cash) in the final month of last season and will be looking to carry that on in 07/08. He has now added responsibility of the committee role whether that will inspire him I am not so sure.  

20th Matt Hall  (16/1). Last season (27th)

Another who generally performs in mid table so a play safe prediction here. Norwich and Kalou are initial worries.

21st Royce Franklin  (18/1). Last season (15th)

Royce had a mediocre first term. I haven't seen anything to really suggest that will change. Hull are a risk, Best could be a very astute purchase (clearly used his knowledge of league 1 form from last season to great effect).

22nd Ryan Moody (20/1). Last season (4th)

Ryan had an unusual and spectacular introduction to the FFL. He purchased a none payment team mid way through the season. That team was going nowhere, he immediately transformed it from a bottom 5 to a top 3 team. We shall see how he does from scratch. Liverpool will be tight and has plenty of scorers in the ranks. Darbyshire is interesting, Bouazza now back in the prem does not look the bargain he once was.

23rd Hazel/Natalie Farnham  (20/1). Last season (Newcomer)

Stato has finally got the girls involved and a Watford player in sight. I am not sure who will be pulling the strings here, Hazel, Natalie or Russ in the background. A safe mid-table prediction as this lot could be anything.

24th Paul Gerrard  (20/1). Last season (26th)

Pauls spectacular failures in the past couple of seasons has presented me with a dilemma. His team looks quire strong, I am a big fan of Saganowski, Fuller and van Persie and clearly Chelsea and Coventry have potential for clean sheets. Some of his lower order strikers might not be so prolific.

25th Dan Swain  (20/1). Last season (Newcomer)

A late entry on the final day for newcomer Dan. Rooney and Martins are his big hitters, Cort is a risk after a couple of poor seasons. Craig Beattie is interesting after his move from Celtic. Norwich may give him problems. 

26th Ken Trainer/Sarah Bell  (22/1). Last season (Returner)

Ken is back on board (our winner in 1997 and 2003) with his better half. After securing the 2nd title he wrongly assumed he could disappear with the trophy. The trophy was located at the back of a cupboard and hence both return to the fold. This effort mirrors a number of entries. Could though have been a little clever in selecting last seasons prolific Cureton as nobody else has done likewise. 

27th Simon Waller  (25/1). Last season (Returner)

Ah Mr Waller returns (another former winner in 2005) with his ultra defensive tactics (not surprising he supports Middlesbrough). This tactic work spectacularly well in his victorious year but failed miserably the year after. He could have been astute with his purchase of Ellington, Roberts and Elliott.

28th Mark Davies  (25/1). Last season (Returner)

Mark has returned after a number of years absence. He will readily admit he never really broke any pots previously hence the lowly prediction this time around. His initial team however does not really deserve such a placing, he is fairly steady at the back and has 3 biggies who will certainly contribute throughout the campaign. Reservations however over Varney and Morrell.

29th Wayne Moody  (25/1). Last season (Newcomer)

Wayne has decided to try his luck to join Shaun and Ryan. Defence looks good. Jones could be an excellent acquisition after his performance last season. Helguson has a new challenge at Bolton having not been a regular at Fulham and Brunt contributed much from midfield last season.

30th Union Tavern  (33/1).  Last season (Newcomer)

Stevie G here representing the Union Tavern in Runcorn could be a hit or miss with this selection. Not sure who will be contributing to team transfers. Viduka will have to fight for his place with Martins and Owen, Nugent is an unknown quantity at this level and Ormerod and Bent again are not automatic first teamers.

31st Alex Hampson  (33/1). Last season (21st)

Alex had an impressive first season 2 years ago but failed to build on it last term (mixing too much with that Grundy character) Again some lack of originality means bottom half beckons.

32nd Emma McFarlane  (40/1). Last season (Returner)

Definately a City connection here. Anelka, Fowler and SWP are ex players and new star Bianchi also include. It is certainly good to have her back and there should be a fair amount of rivalry with Mr Olajide (even if it will be a little one-sided in favour in Emma's favour). 

33rd Alan Keech  (40/1). Last season (28th)

Former champion needs to be a little more pro-active with his team (clearly his son does not take after him). Wont concede many but not sure Varley and Hoskins will bring much to the frontline.

34th Peter/Chris Gerrard (50/1). Last season (10th) 

Young Gerrards have taken a risk or two with Plymouth and Reading (will they be as good this time around?). Their allegiance to Everton is commendable with two picks. McSheffrey may also fail to recreate his excellent record back in the prem.

35th Pete Grundy (50/1). Last season (20th)

Pathetic is a little strong I feel but Pete does generally struggle. Credit were credit is due as he keeps coming back for more. Owen is clearly a major gamble considering his injury problems and expensive price tag.

36th Adam Powsney (66/1). Last season (24th)

Adam's last minute rushed selection could have damaged his chances. Nugent has something to prove and Adam hopes Mido gets a move soon otherwise it could be some quick changes.

37th Jeff Miller (66/1), Last season (17th)

Just ran out of steam last time around as he faded near the end. Colchester could struggle and may need replacing quickly, Kamara might find it difficult with his move up to the prem, Kuqi has not done it for a few seasons and Kewell is not the player he was. Over-reliant on Man U and Drogba to challenge. 

38th Gavin Kelly (100/1). Last season (Newcomer)

Probably predicted too low for Gavin but this is based on the fact he is a newcomer with some risky strikers (Howard, Jevons, Windass and Taylor). He is strong at the back though which will be worth some compensation and clearly has the advantage of being the only player to pick Arsenal.

39th Tunde Olajide (200/1). Last season (Newcomer)

Quite strong at the back but his obsession with everything Bolton has clearly affected his judgement. Its upto him to prove he is not out of his depth.