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End of Season Review 2006/07

Season 13

Roll of Honour



1995  Lynne Stokoe 
1996  Tim Owen 
1997 Ken Trainer 
1998  Russ Farnham 
1999  Paul Keech 
2000  Tim Owen 
2001  Alan Keech 
2002  Mark Jones 
2003  Ken Trainer
2004  Stu Jones 
2005  Simon Waller 
2006  Tim Owen 
2007  Paul Keech 

Monthly Awards




Top Scorer (all £10)

Aug/Sept  John/Phil Kelly (£60)  Paul Keech (£25)  Paul Keech 17 goals (2nd place)
October  Paul Keech (£45)  Lesley Rigby (£15)  Russ Farnham 13 goals (11th place) 
November  Jimmy Lyons (£50)  Paul Leech (£20)  Jimmy Lyons 13 goals (1st place) 
December  Jimmy Lyons (£55)  Stu Jones (£25)  Shaun Moody 22 goals (19th place) 
January  Simon Baldwin (£55)  Tim Owen (£25)  Matt Hall 24 goals (9th place) 
February  Tim Owen (£45)  Stu Jones (£15)  Lynne Stokoe/Adam Powsney 14 goals (13th and 3rd) 
March  Shaun Moody (£45)  Stu Jones (£15)  Shaun Moody 13 goals (1st place) 
April/May  Ian Cowburn (£60)  Graham Highton (£20)  Shaun Moody 15 goals (3rd place) 
League Cup  Patrick Williams (£45)  Graham Highton (£20)   
FA Cup  Graham Highton (£45)  Tim Owen (£20)   


Did you make a profit?

The table below will tell you how much money you won and your total profit/loss for the season.















Paul Keech  1st  £70      £10  £200  £280  £235  PRELIM 
Shaun Moody  £45      £30  £100  £175  £130 
Stu Jones  3 £55        £75  £130  £85  PRELIM 
Ryan Moody          £50  £50  £5  1
Paul Leech  £20        £40  £60  £15  SF 
Russ Farnham        £10  £36  £46  £1  QF 
Rhys Jones          £33  £33  £10.50  QF 
John/Phil Kelly  £60        £31  £91  £46  QF 
Dan Owen          £29  £29  -£16  QF 
Chris/Peter Gerrard  10          £27  £27  -£18 
Tim Owen  11  £70    £20    £25  £115  £70  PRELIM  RU 
Rob Bushell  12          £23  £23  -£22 
Simon Baldwin  13  £55        £21  £76  £31 
Graham Highton  14  £20  £20  £45    £19  £104  £59  RU  WINNER 
Royce Franklin  15         £16  £16  -£29  QF 
Lesley Rigby  16  £15        £10  £25  -£20  QF 
Jeff Miller  17            £0  -£45  QF 
Lynne Stokoe  18        £5    £5  -£40 
Phil Stokoe  19            £0  -£45 
Pete Grundy  20            £0  -£45 
Alex Hampson  21            £0  -£45  SF  PRELIM 
Matthew Rigby  22            £0  -£45 
Debra Long  23            £0  -£45 
Adam Powsney  24        £5    £5  -£40  SF  QF 
Jimmy Lyons  25  £105      £10    £115  £70 
Paul Gerrard  26            £0  -£45 
Matt Hall  27        £10    £10  -£35  SF 
Alan Keech  28            £0  -£45 
Patrick Williams  29    £45        £45  £0  WINNER 
Craig Frost  30            £0  -£45 
Ian Cowburn  31  £60          £60  £15  1 1
Paul Smith  32            £0  -£45 
Colin Rigby  33            £0  -£45 
Barbara Wujuklidis  34            £0  -£45 

Of the 34 competitors, 14 of you made a profit or broke even. As you would expect those winning the monthly prizes were up near the top but Ian Cowburn in 31st won the final month, Patrick Williams in 29th won a cup, top scorer prizes went to Matt Hall (27th), Jimmy Lyons (25th) and Adam Powsney (24th- shared).           

Incredibly Jimmy Lyons had the best monthly record with 2 wins, totalling £110 but finished 25th overall closely followed by Tim Owen 1 win, a 2nd and a cup runner up (£90). Stu Jones was unlucky with 3 runner-ups in the monthly competitions.  12 finished out of the prizes altogether, highest placed being Jeff Miller in 17th.

Dan Owen was the highest placed competitor to make a loss in 9th place. Adam Powsney was unlucky in the cups reaching the QF in one and the Semi in the other. I had the worst cup record losing in the prelim and 1st rounds but I clearly had bigger fish to fry.

Keech the Bookie - Just how did he do ??

Predicted Finish 


Actual Finish 

Out by 

1st  Tim Owen  11th  10 places 
2nd  Rob Bushell  12th  10 places 
3rd  Dan Owen  9th  6 places 
4th  Young Gerrards  10th  6 places 
5th  Paul Leech  5th  Spot on 
6th  Stu Jones  3rd  3 places 
7th  Russ Farnham  6th  1 place 
8th  Jeff Miller  17th  9 places 
9th  John/Phil Kelly  8th  1 place 
10th  Paul Keech  1st  9 places 
11th  Craig Frost  30th  19 places 
12th  Shaun Moody  2nd  10 places 
13th  Rhys Jones  7th  6 places 
14th  Colin Rigby  33rd  19 places 
15th  Simon Baldwin  13th  2 places 
16th  Royce Franklin  15th  1 place 
17th  Paul Gerrard  26th  9 places 
18th  Lynne Stokoe  18th  Spot on 
19th  Phil Stokoe  19th  Spot on 
20th  Ian Cowburn  31st  11 places 
21st  Matthew Rigby  22nd  1 place 
22nd  Graham Highton  14th  8 places 
23rd  Ryan Moody  4th  19 places 
24th  Matt Hall  27th  3 places 
25th  Lesley Rigby  16th  9 places 
26th  Barbara Wujuklidis  34th  8 places 
27th  Patrick Williams  29th  2 places 
28th  Adam Powsney  24th  4 places 
29th  Alan Keech  28th  1 place 
30th  Debra Long  23rd  7 places 
31st  Pete Grundy  20th  11 places 
32nd  Alex Hampson  21st  11 places 
33rd  Paul Smith  32nd  1 place 
34th  Jimmy Lyons  25th  9 places 

I managed 3 spot on (4 last season), was 1 place out for 6 of you (5 last season) and within 5 places for another 5 of you.

I got 3 badly wrong all 19 places out, Mr Frost who clearly knows less about footy than I thought, Colin Rigby who had a disappointing season and Ryan Moody who began the season as Dan Hay and nearly transferred his whole team when he took so not surprising. Nobody else was more than 11 places different so I managed to get most in the right area.  

Check out the preview on the website. The comments make very interesting reading now.

How well did you perform (alphabetical order)?


Baldwin – Bottom half to Dec. Excellent rapid progress over Christmas to 2nd place early Jan, decline from mid Feb to final 13th place.

Bushell – Bottom half with steady improvement to top 10 in November. Mid table in Dec and Jan, slight improvement beginning of Feb. Nearly best position of the season at the end in12th.

Cowburn – Decent start that soon fizzled out. A little progress in Oct but sank into the bottom 3 by the end of Nov. A big improvement in the final month of the season.

Farnham – By week 6 got himself into a challenging position. Moved into the top 5 by December but a slight decline in February scuppered any thoughts of reaching the summit.

Franklin – Newcomer who quickly established a top 10 position in Sept. Briefly moved into the top 5 in November. December was a disaster as he dropped to mid table but halting the slide.

Frost – Rare Flirtation with the top half in Sept and Dec. Fell away in the new year.

Gerrard C/P – Good start into the top 10, pre Christmas dropped away, post Christmas recovered back to the top 10.

Gerrard P – awful campaign. Bottom for most of the first half of the season. Good run in December meant the gap closed and a few places gained. Finished in his highest position all season.

Grundy – Same as usual, bottom half all season. Another who finished in his highest position all season

Hall – Very promising start, 2 sustained slumps in the first half of the season, never recovered. 

Hampson – Soon fell away in the first few weeks. Slight improvement towards Christmas, none descript 2nd half.

Moody R – Very impressive, took on the job when in the bottom 5. Magnificent recovery. Reached top 3 in March just couldn’t complete the job.

Highton – Nothing but improvement from week 2. Once the top 10 reached in Jan just couldn’t sustain it.

Jones R – Up and down to December. January a bad month. Excellent progress on the run in. 

Jones S – this time did start well for a change. Sept to Nov put paid to any chances. Nobody in the 2nd half of the season did better hence the good finish. Yet another who did not top his finishing position.

Keech A – Weeks 1 and 2 were excellent, rest not so. Not a good use of transfers.

Keech P – some quick transfers worked so well in the first few weeks. A dream run from mid Sept. Top for over half the season, looked like I had run out of steam 6 weeks from the end until that final fantastic week.

Kelly P/J – Just as predicted, a good start winning month 1. Held top spot for most weeks until the end of November. A slight decline in the new year but a good recovery in February. One final slump in the final two months once the transfers had run out. A good first effort.

Leech – very impressive after a poor start in the first 6 weeks. Held top 5 position in Feb and March. Early March poor run of results halted the charge.

Long – a great start from yet another debutante. Lack of experience told from Dec onwards. Reached lowest position in the final two weeks. 

Lyons – nobody had a season like Jimmy. Disappointing start. Incredible run of results from Nov to Jan picking up two monthlies in the process moving from 2nd bottom to 3rd in about 8 weeks. A just as impressive halt to form in the 2nd half of the season.

Miller – another who took a while to get going but positively flew up the league from Oct to Jan. Again it fizzled out to a mid table finish.

Moody S – quickly established a firm position in the top 5. A slight wobble in December was followed with what looked like a perfectly timed run in the last weeks. Only the freaky final week stopped Shaun taking the title in his first season. 

Owen D – Sustained run Sept to Dec put Dan in fine fettle for the title charge after what could only be described as a messy internal reshuffle. A poor Dec and Feb put paid to that.

Owen T – our champion had a slow start was clearly suffering as a result of the pre season favourite tag. Some astute transfers paid dividends in Jan and Feb winning a fair bit of cash in the process. Just couldn’t sustain it to the end.  

Rigby C – an extremely disappointing campaign. A bright start faltered badly in Sept. Once he hit the bottom 3 he stayed there.

Powsney – another newcomer who began well. Once he hit 2nd spot he fell away at an alarming rate. A slight recovery in February and that was it.

Rigby L / M – both stayed mainly in mid table for the whole campaign. As Matthew went down the league, Lesley went up and then fortunes switched.

Smith – bobbed about in mid table until form deserted him in Jan and Feb. A very disappointing finish.

Stokoe L – extremely unlucky on a number of occasions in the 2nd of half of the season after looking like picking up prizes until thwarted at the final fence. Culminated with a disastrous last week and droping out of the prizes altogether.

Stokoe P – much better effort than last time he entered. A lack lustre 2nd half saw Phil fall away to mid table.

Williams – A steady decline from start to finish. Did pick up the consolation of the league cup.

Wujuklidis – as in last year fell away badly. Finished well adrift at the bottom.



Finally……………………….. Stats Corner




Top Scorer  Shaun Moody (103 goals - 2.58 per week) - 2nd place 
Worst Scorer  Ian Cowburn (45 goals - 1.13 per week) - 31st place 
Best Defence  John/Phil Kelly (76 goals - 1.9 per week) - 8th place 
Worst Defence  Barbara Wujuklidis (114 goals - 2.85 per week) - 34th place 
Best Goal Difference    Paul Keech (+14) - 1st place 
Worst Goal Difference  Barbara Wujuklidis (-59) - 34th place  
Most Bonus Points won  Shaun Moody and Lesley Rigby (9) 
Least Bonus Points won  Alex Hampson and Paul Smith (2) 
Most Bonus Points conceded  Babara Wujuklidis and Pete Grundy (8) 
Highest Ave No of Goals per game  Shaun Moody and Russ Farnham (4.83) 
Lowest Ave No of Goals per game  Craig Frost (3.53) 
Manchester City award (boring team)  Craig Frost 
Best Strikers (goals that counted)  Drogba (21), Ronaldo (19) 
Worst Strikers  Too many to mention 
Best Defences  Chelsea (28), Liverpool (32), Man U (33) 
Worst Defence  Luton (75), just for the Watford fans 
Best Win  Matthew Rigby (9-1) 
Worst Defeat  Barbara Wujuklidis (0-9) 
Most Goals in a Game   Patrick Williams (15), (10-5 victory, no competition!) 
Best Winning run  8 - Simon Baldwin, is that more than Leeds managed all season ? 
Worst Run without a win  14 - Ian Cowburn, Paul Smith, Patrick Williams 
Least Transfers Used  Barbara Wujuklidis (4), another who finishes bottom! 
Quickest Transfer  Jimmy Lyons (6 days before start of season) 
Quickest Loan  Paul Gerrard (after week 1) 
Most Indecisive Manager  Paul Keech (couldn't decide who to give this award to !) 
Most Enterprising Manager  The Moody's (for taking on a 2nd team part way through) 
Best Newcomer  Shaun Moody (2nd place) 
Worst Newcomer  Adam Powsney (24th) 
Happiest Manager  Paul Keech (clearly) 
Gutted Manager  Shaun Moody 
Best Team Name  Pass me the butter knife (Paul Gerrard) - he had to win something 
Worst Team Name  Paul Keech!! (Pete Grundy) - call yourself Pete Grundy and you might win next year 
Players most appropriate name  Keep the Faith (Tim Owen) - obviously did after big improvement 
Least appropriate name  The Glory Hornets (Shaun Moody) 
MLW most appropriate name  Last Gasp Winners (Jimmy Lyons) - well predicted 
Strangest Team Name  Penguins need money for fish this year (Craig Frost) 
Most Disappointing Performance  Craig Frost 
Least Competitive Player  Barbara Wujuklidis 
Biggest Slide down the League  Paul smith and Jimmy Lyons 
Best Recovery from a slow start  Tim Owen, Stu Jones, Ryan Moody 

See you all next season. 


Fantasy League Chairman