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End of Season Review 2007/08

Season 14

Roll of Honour

1994/95 Lynne Stokoe
1995/96 Tim Owen
1996/97 Ken Trainer
1997/98 Russ Farnham
1998/99 Paul Keech
1999/00 Tim Owen
2000/01 Alan Keech
2001/02 Mark Jones
2002/03 Ken Trainer
2003/04 Stu Jones
2004/05 Simon Waller
2005/06 Tim Owen
2006/07 Paul Keech
2007/08 Colin Rigby

A masssive congratulations to Colin Rigby for sealing a very one sided competition in 07/08, our 14th season. Colin's name is now the 10th new name on the trophy. Now lets see if he can defend his title, nobody has managed yet as champion normally basks in the glory until December and then realises it is too late!  

Monthly Awards




Top Scorer (all £10)

August  Rob Bushell (£50)        Ryan Moody (£20)     Rob Bushell 15 goals (1st place)
September Rob Bushell (£45)                      Colin Rigby (£15) Rob Bushell 11 goals (1st place)
October  Colin Rigby (£45)  Paul Gerrard (£15)  Paul Gerrard 13 goals (2nd place) 
November  R Moody/Col Rigby (£32.50 each)

Royce Franklin/Mark Davies 12 goals (13th and 10th) 

December  Ryan Moody (£50)  Shaun Moody (£20)  Ryan Moody 21 goals (1st place) 
January  Russ Farnham (£60)  Colin Rigby (£25)            Royce Franklin 20 goals (4th place) 
February  Dan Owen (£55)  Paul O'Brien (£20)          Rhys Jones/Alan Keech 14 goals (14th and 30th) 
March  Austin Kershaw (£45)  Rob Bushell (£15)  Paul Gerrard 13 goals (23rd place) 
April/May  Dan Owen (£55)  Colin Rigby (£20)  Dan Owen 22 goals (1st place) 
League Cup  Tim Owen (£45)  Emma McFarlane (£20)   
FA Cup  Austin Kershaw (£45)  Royce Franklin (£20)   

Did you make a profit?

The table below will tell you how much money you won and your total profit/loss for the season.

COLIN RIGBY 1 £137.50 £220 £357.50 £312.50 PRELIM 2
RYAN MOODY     2 £102.50 £10 £100 £212.50 £167.50 1 2
DAN OWEN   3 £110 £10 £75 £195.00 £150.00 2 QF
ROB BUSHELL 4 £115 £20 £60 £195.00 £150.00 2 1
WAYNE MOODY 5 £50 £50.00 £5.00 QF     1
TIM OWEN 6 £45 £40 £85.00 £40.00 WINNER 1
STU JONES 7 £35 £35.00 -£10.00 QF 2
ROYCE FRANKLIN 8 £20 £15 £32 £67.00 £22.00 2 RU
KEECH/FROST 9 £29 £29.00 -£16.00 1 PRELIM
SHAUN MOODY 10 £20 £27 £47.00 £2.00 1    QF
PAUL LEECH 11 £25 £25.00 -£20.00 2 PRELIM
IAN COWBURN 12 £23 £23.00 -£22.00 PRELIM PRELIM
STEVIE G 13 £21 £21.00 -£24.00 SF 1
RUSS FARNHAM 14 £60 £19 £79.00 £34.00 1 QF
MATT HALL 15 £17 £17.00 -£28.00 1 2
GRAHAM HIGHTON 16 £15 £15.00 -£30.00 1 1
SIMON BALDWIN 17 £13 £13.00 -£32.00 1 1
PAUL GERRARD 18 £15 £20 £11 £46.00 £1.00 1 PRELIM
DEB/DAVID LONG 19 £10 £10.00 -£35.00 SF 1
ALEX HAMPSON 20 £0.00 -£45.00 2 2
HAZEL/NATALIE FARNHAM 21 £0.00 -£45.00 1 QF
PAUL KEECH 22 £0.00 -£45.00 1 SF
JEFF MILLER 23 £0.00 -£45.00 2 2
AUSTIN KERSHAW 24 £45 £45 £90.00 £45.00 1 WINNER
RHYS JONES 25 £5 £5.00 -£40.00 2 PRELIM
PATRICK WILLIAMS 26 £0.00 -£45.00 QF 1
MARK DAVIES 27 £5 £5.00 -£40.00 1 1
SIMON WALLER 28 £0.00 -£45.00 PRELIM 1
PHIL/JOHN KELLY 29 £0.00 -£45.00 PRELIM 1
EMMA MCFARLANE 30 £20 £20.00 -£25.00 RU 1
PAUL O'BRIEN 31 £20 £20.00 -£25.00 1 1
KEN TRAINER/SARAH BELL 32 £0.00 -£45.00 2 1
GAVIN KELLY 33 £0.00 -£45.00 PRELIM 1
ADAM POWSNEY 34 £0.00 -£45.00 1 SF
ALAN KEECH 35 £5 £5.00 -£40.00 PRELIM PRELIM
CHRIS/PETER GERRARD 36 £0.00 -£45.00 QF 2
CRAIG FROST 37 £0.00 -£45.00 1 1
TUNDE OLAJIDE 38 £0.00 -£45.00 PRELIM 2
DAN SWAIN 39 £0.00 -£45.00 1 PRELIM

Of the 39 competitors, 11 of you made a profit or broke even. As you would expect those winning the monthly prizes were up near the top but Paul O'Brien in 31st was runner up in February, Austin Kershaw in 24th won in March and a cup. Paul Gerrard in 18th also had a monthly runner up and Russ Farnham won a month. Top scorer prizes went to Alan Keech (shared) (overall 35th), Mark Davies (shared) (27th) and Rhys Jones (shared)(25th).           

Champion Colin Rigby had the best monthly record with 2 monthly wins and two 2nds, totalling £137.50 closely followed by Rob Bushell with 2 monthly wins and 2 monthly top scorers (£115). Ryan Moody and Dan Owen both had 2 monthly wins and 1 monthly top scorer netting £112.50 and £120 respectively.

15 finished out of the prizes altogether, highest placed being Alex Hampson in 20th. Alan Keech and Ian Cowburn had a very brief flirtation with the cup competitions, both going out in the preliminary round. Austin Kershaw was the lowest placed competitor in 24th to make a profit on the season.

Keech the Bookie - Just how did he do ??

Predicted Finish Name Actual Finish Out by
1st Graham Highton 16th 15 places
2nd Rhys Jones 25th 23 places
3rd Dan Owen 3rd Spot on
4th Paul Keech 22nd 18 places
5th Rob Bushell            4th 1 place
6th Tim Owen 6th                        Spot on
7th Patrick Williams 26th 19 places
8th Paul O'Brien 31st 24 places
9th Simon Baldwin 17th 8 places
10th Colin Rigby 1st 9 places
11th Russ Farnham 14th 3 places
12th Paul Leech 11th 1 place
13th Stu Jones 7th 6 places
14th Deb/David Long 19th 5 places
15th Austin Kershaw 24th 9 places
16th Shaun Moody 10th 6 places
17th John/Phil Kelly 29th 12 places
18th Craig Frost 37th 19 places
19th Ian Cowburn 12th 7 places
20th Matt Hall 15th 5 places
21st Royce Franklin 8th 13 places
22nd Ryan Moody 2nd 20 places
23rd Hazel/Nat Farnham 21st 2 places
24th Paul Gerrard 18th 6 places
25th Dan Swain 39th 14 places
26th Ken Trainer/Sarah B 32nd 6 places
27th Simon Waller 28th 1 place
28th Mark Davies 27th 1 place
29th Wayne Moody 5th 24 places
30th Stevie G 13th 17 places
31st Alex Hampson 20th 11 places
32nd Emma McFarlane 30th 2 places
33rd Alan Keech 35th 2 places
34th Peter/Chris Gerrard 36th 2 places
35th Pete Grundy 9th 26 places
36th Adam Powsney 34th 2 places
37th Jeff Miller 23rd 14 places
38th Gavin Kelly 33rd 5 places
39th Tunde Olajide 38th 1 place

Certainly not as good as last season. Clearly I know the Owen's very well as I predicted them both spot on but that was it.

I was just one out for 5 competitors. Rob Bushell is always there or thereabouts, similarly I always expect Paul Leech to be in the top half. Simon Waller's defensive tactics usually mean a bottom half finish and Mark Davies returning (with a poor previous record) similarly positioned. Tunde would have been another spot on but I helped him out with some late transfers which moved him up 1 place after he occupied the final spot for much of the season.  

Just 2 out for a further 5 competitors - Hazel and Natalie had an excellent 2nd half of the season after a disastrous start, Emma Mc has had a baby and has every excuse in the world, Alan Keech underperformed as usual and young Gerrards suspect initial selection proved correct.

Graham Highton and Rhys Jones were predicted to come 1 and 2 and both disappointed me with their transfers as their initial teams looked top notch. The weight of expectation from Keech the Bookie clearly proved too much. My personal prediction of 4th was far to lofty and ambitious after a poor start and too many wayward early transfers cost me dear. Patrick Willams convinced me of his potential and I fell into it hook, line and sinker as yet again he used his transfers up far too quickly and I clearly over estimated on the newcomer Paul O'Brien.

Other disasters include John/Phil Kelly but his poor performance can be explained with his house renovation taking over his life. if all work is complete before August I expect much better next season and Craig Frost has just had a nightmare in anything Fantasy League in 07/08. Dan Swain did not get involved which I did not expect. Wayne Moody on the other hand was pulled along on Moody glory trail and finished much higher than i anticipated. Stevie G (Union Tavern) had an excellent first campaign much better than I thought he would. Pete Grundy's position would have been pretty spot on only for him to drop out early doors and myself and Mr Frost providing some respectability in the takeover (his only success this year). I did underestimate Jeff Miller but some wise buys pushed up to a higher position than anticipated.

All others were in the right region of the table.  

Check out the initial preview on the website. The comments make very interesting reading now.

The individual summary will return next season with hopefully a positional plot of everyones season available throughout and at the end of the campaign.         

Finally……………………….. Stats Corner




Top Scorer  Tim Owen (108 goals - 2.77 per week) - 6th place 
Worst Scorer  Simon Waller (27 goals - 0.69 per week) - 28th place 
Best Defence  Simon Waller (59 goals - 1.5 per week) - 28th place 
Worst Defence  Tunde Olajide (119 goals - 3.05 per week) - 38th place 
Best Goal Difference    Colin Rigby (+41) - 1st place 
Worst Goal Difference  Dan Swain (-58) - 39th place  
Most Bonus Points won  Colin Rigby (14) 
Least Bonus Points won  Dan Swain (1) 
Most Bonus Points conceded  Ian Cowburn, Paul Gerrard, Mark Davies, Alan Keech and young Gerrards (6) 
Highest Ave No of Goals per game  Tim Owen (5.15) 
Lowest Ave No of Goals per game  Ian Cowburn (2.21) 
Middlesbrough award (boring team)  Simon Waller (by far), not the first time he has won it !
Best Strikers (goals that counted)  Ronaldo (31 - 0.78 per match), Adebayor (25 - 0.62 per match)
Worst Strikers  Carl Cort (selected all season - 0 goals)
Best Defences  Chelsea and Man U (24 - 0.6 goals per match), Liverpool and Everton (33 - 0.83)
Worst Defence  Derby (89 - 2.2 goals per match)
Best Win  Ryan Moody (10-3) 
Worst Defeat  Ian Cowburn (0-8) and Paul Gerrard (2-10) 
Most Goals in a Game   Ryan Moody (13)
Best Winning run  6 - Colin Rigby and Dan Owen
Worst Run without a win  18 - Jeff Miller
Least Transfers Used  Dan Swain (1), yet again another who finishes bottom! 
Quickest Transfer  Simon Baldwin (13/8)
Quickest Loan  Paul Keech (13/8)
Most Rejected Transfers Shaun Moody (7 individual ones)
Most Enterprising Manager  Keech/Frost(for taking on a 2nd team part way through) 
Best Newcomer  Wayne Moody (5th place) 
Worst Newcomer  Dan Swain (39th) 
Happiest Manager  Colin Rigby (Champion), Dan Owen (finished above the old man)
Best Team Name  No Thong and Dance (Austin Kershaw)
Worst Team Name  Remember John Beresford United (Dan Swain) Mmmmm
Least appropriate name  Real Hopeful (Alan Keech)
Least understood name PEAS FC (Patrick Williams) -initilas of the family members apparently
MLW most appropriate name  Got a baaaad feeling about this (Craig Frost) - well predicted 
Strangest Team Name  Would you like me to lap dance for you? (Alex Hampson)
Most Disappointing Performance  Craig Frost (again)
Least Competitive Player  Dan Swain (just 1 transfer)
Biggest Slide down the League  No major slide but Patrick Williams did drop away from a decent position
Best Recovery from a slow start  Hazel/Natalie Farnham, Alex Hampson

See you all next season. 


MLW Fantasy League Chairman