2023/24: LAST WEEK - Scoring only


This section will assist you with your use of the website throughout the season to help you get the most out of managing your team.

Contact Us

You can contact us at any time if you need to contact any member of the MLW team for whatever reason. Otherwise email us direct.

Logging On

To logon:

  • On the homepage enter your username (surnameinitial - for eg keechp in lowercase)
  • Enter your password, if you have forgotten it, click `Forget Your Password' and follow the on line instructions)
  • Please note you now only have to login once to manage your team and use the forum.

You can access pages on the website without logging on. Certain pages will only be available if you log on.

These include :

Getting Started....

To be added as a manager for the season you must first complete the entry form. You will be assigned a login (unless you already have one) which will enable you to start selecting your team.

Initial Selection    

  • Login to the site. You will be taken directly to the manage, selections and picks menu to enable you to select your team.
  • To select a club to buy, click on the `Select a club to buy' drop down list. Click on your selected team. Click Buy. It will appear in green. Repeat for your other team. Make sure you buy 4 (different) teams.
  • To select a player to buy, click on the `Select a player to buy' drop down list. Click on your selected player. Click Buy. It will appear in green. Repeat for your other 13 players. Make sure you buy 14 (different) players.
  • To remove a buy selection uncheck the `buy' checkbox.
  • In the Picks column, ensure 7 players have their box ticked for your players to play in week 1.
  • You can move selections around dragging the six dots (left hand side) up and down to change the order.
  • Save Changes. If there any errors with your selection the errors will appear in black at the top of the page. Make sure you clear all errors after you save for the team to register on the site.  
  • Your team will then be entered directly onto the site automatically. This is draft until the deadline is reached (Season Start - end of pre season on the diary).
  • You can amend these selections as many times as you like up until the deadline
  • To change your selections - click on `sell' box for the appropriate player/team and buy a player/team to replace in the same way as above. Make sure you save for it to register. In pre season these do not count towards your allocated transfers, they are free swops.
  • Nobody can see your team only you, the administrator will know who has saved a draft team within the backend but that will be all. Check out the Managers Overview to see who is entered, saved a draft team and how many times they changed their draft team in pre season.

Pre Season Updates  

Prize List

Once all teams are in and the total pot is known the prizes page will updated with details of all monthly and end of season totals.

Keech the Bookie  

The season preview will then be completed to confirm you potential finishing position for the current season.

Managing Your Team

This will be mainly done via the Manage, Selections and Picks menu.

  • Here you can see your current team, how many transfers (attack and defence) you have used and pick your team each week using the Pick column.
  • Similarly you can check out any of your opponents teams, especially useful towards the end of the month and during the cup competitions.
  • Club and Player Lists - these will show you how many times each has been selected and an average number of goals scored or conceded by each. By clicking on each player/club you can see each weekly goals scored or conceded, totals for last season and who owns a particular player/club. This will be useful when planning transfers.
  • You can flick between the player and team lists by clicking on the link within each page. Also very useful you can click on the headings in each table and sort the data. So if you looking for a player, sort by name or a list of the players for each club sort by club etc. You could even sort by average goals to see who is doing the best.
  • Check out the Managers Overview, summarising transfer details for each competitor, how weekly changes they have made and team values.
  • Check out the Managers Similarity table, it will tell who has the same selections as you.
  • Check out the Season Stats section, for some interesting best and worst stats.
  • Compare yourself to your nearest rival or the person you just have beat in the Head to Head section. Here you can see a graphical representation of yours/or anyone elses season. 
  • Check out the transfer log and picks log for all the latest changes everyone is making. The very latest transfers will also be shown on the homepage.
  • News - check out what is going on in the world of real football. Has your player been dropped through lack of form? Is he being rested for that big European night midweek? Has he got a one match suspension after that stupid booking in the last match?  Has he tweaked a hamstring and will be out for 3 weeks?  You will need to know all this when selecting your team each week.
  • Links - this page on the home page allows you to move off onto the internet via some selected pages for further information - BBC football or Sky Sports for all things footy related, Physioroom to check on the latest injuries, Soccerbase for the latest statistics / fixtures etc.  


Once you have gone through your decision making process and have decided it is best to freshen up your team click on Manage, Selections and Picks and Sell and Buy. Remember you have 25 transfers.

Weekly Results

  • Some weeks there will be an instant service available to check on progress as it happens, you could check the latest scores and how that would affect the tables immediately.
  • An email will be sent to say the results are available on the site (usually a Tuesday).
  • The weekly summary will be shown as a headline piece of news on the home page. This will have link to the tables and results.
  • The results page will show the overall table, the latest monthly table and previous monthly table in that order.
  • Within the results menu you can access all the managers scores for that week (and any previous week) and all your scores for the season so far.
  • You can access all the scorer stats and a separate Stats page for those successful and unsuccessful current managers.