2023/24: LAST WEEK - Scoring only

2023/24 MLW Cup

Round 1 Quarter-Final Semi-Final Final

Chris Gerrard (L0-3) v 

  Harry Baldwin (W1-0)          


Harry Baldwin (W4-1)(W2-0) v

      Craig Frost (W4-3)(W4-0)      

Liam Gower (L0-4)(L0-2) v

  Craig Frost (L0-5)(D1-1)          


Craig Frost (W2-1) v

          Graham Highton (L2-3)  

Graham Jeffries (L1-2)(D1-1) v

  Graham Highton (L1-3)(W3-1)          


Graham Highton (W2-0) v

      Paul Keech (W3-1)      

Paul Keech (W3-2) v

  Sam Martin (L0-3)          

Craig Frost () vs

Paul Gerrard ()


Andrew Highton (L0-3) v 

  Jay Harmer (D1-1)          


Jay Harmer (W2-1)(L3-4) v

      Ade Heathcote (W4-2)(D3-3)      

Alan Keech (L1-2) v

  Ade Heathcote (W6-2)          


Ade Heathcote (D2-2) v

          Paul Gerrard (W3-0)  

Matthew Adams (L3-6)(D1-1) v

  Colin Rigby (L2-3)(D2-2) Goals Scored          


Colin Rigby (W4-1) v

      Paul Gerrard (W7-2)      

Andrea Howard (L1-4)(D2-2) v

  Paul Gerrard (L0-3)(W2-1)          



MLW Cup draw. 14 teams, 9 get a bye. Games to be played 26th, 27th, 28th Dec.
Andrew Highton (L1-4) v Adrian Franklin (L0-4) - Andrew Highton wins by 0pts to -1pts
Andy Peaden (L1-4) v Jay Harmer (L1-3) - REPLAY Andy (L1-4) Jay (W4-1) Jay Harmer wins 3pts to 0
Paul Keech (L1-3) v Jordan Gower (L0-4) - Paul Keech wins by 0pts to -1pts
Connor Jones (L1-6) v Graham Highton (L1-2) - Graham Highton wins by 0pts to -1pts
Paul Leech (L1-4) v Liam Gower (W3-2) - Liam Gower wins by 3pts to 0
Simon Baldwin (L0-2) v Craig Frost (L0-2) - REPLAY Simon (D2-2) Craig (W3-1) Craig Frost wins 3pts to 1
Matthew Adams (L2-3) v Jeff Miller (L1-3) - REPLAY Matthew (W3-0), Jeff Miller (W6-4) Matthew Adams wins 4pts to 3
The following gets a bye.
Alan Keech, Harry Baldwin, Paul and Chris Gerrard, Graham Jeffries, Andrea Howard, Colin Rigby, Sam Martin, Ade Heathcote.