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Hall of Fame - MLW Cup


Year Winning Manager Team Name  
2016/17 Craig Frost Interpenguins (Click here for details) 
2015/16 None    
2014/15 Craig Frost Too Hot for Keechy 
(Click here for details) 
2013/14 Andy Peaden Perfect sTORm (Click here for details)
2012/13 Colin Rigby Ascot Albion (Click here for details)
2011/12 Paul Gerrard The Luminous Fish Effect  (Click here for details)
2010/11 Rob Bushell  Robbies Foulers  (Click here for details) 
2009/10 Ian Cowburn Sheikh ManCity (click here for details)
2008/09  Rob Bushell  Robbies Foulers  (click here for details)
2007/08 Austin Kershaw No Thong and Dance (click here for details)
2006/07 Graham Highton Fulchester United   
2005/06 Paul Keech / Lynne Stokoe AC Peeanell   
2004/05 Rob Bushell Lemonjelly   
2003/04 Tim Owen  Men Behaving Badly