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2008/09 Season Winners

This is the location of all past season information. You can select a season from the dropdown list above. It covers the overall winners from 1995 to 2002 and more detail from 2002 to present day by winner, runner-up, monthly winners and cup winners.

2008/09 Season Summary
Category Name
Overall Winner Paul Keech/Craig Frost 
Runner Up Rob Bushell 
League Cup  Stevie G/Union Tavern 
FA Cup Rob Bushell
August '08 Rob Bushell 
September '08 Paul Keech/Craig Frost 
October '08 Ian Cowburn 
November '08 Craig Frost 
December '08 Stevie G/Union Tavern 
January '09 Phil Hall 
February '09 John/Phil Kelly 
March '09 Paul Keech/Craig Frost 
April/May '09 Stu Jones 

Results - 2008/09 up to Week 39
PosTeamManager P W D LFAΔ Bonus(+) Bonus(-) Sub Bonus Pts
1 (1)Exactly where predictedKeech Paul/Frost Craig391711111007822910
2 (2)Robbies FoulersBushell, Rob391791384759910
7 (4)Desperate DanOwen, Dan391761687834740
10 (9)Men of low morale fibreLeech, Paul391481776733910
5 (3)Disco Pants FCMcfarlane, Tim3915717706731000
9 (8)The Goalden BoysFarnham, Russ391591579772500
13 (11)The Only Saint in RuncornChaney, Steve3913111563630700
3 (5)Missing in actionHall, Phil39188137475-1850
4 (6)I'm one place above youFrost, Craig39168157273-11020
11 (12)Ernie Cooksey RIPKeech, Paul391410156872-4710
20 (22)Prodigal ReturnsLyons, Jimmy391210176468-4920
6 (14)18 years and countingJones, Stuart *39159156267-5920
21 (20)The Black WatchGerrard, Paul39147186774-7620
12 (10)Union TavernStevie G39158166977-8720
23 (23)BegBeg, Ishtiaq39129187786-9740
16 (15)Yellow ArmyMoody, Allison39147187483-9810
19 (18)Ascot AlbionRigby, Colin39156187079-9520
14 (13)SunlightersStokoe, Lynne/Phil39155196675-9920
8 (7)Andreas TeamHoward, Andrea391312145969-10900
15 (19)1st Thought Best ThoughtCowburn, Ian39148177890-12920
24 (24)KojakKelly, Gavin39913175367-14710
17 (16)Barnstoneworth UnitedHighton, Graham39148175772-15820
22 (21)Take a TouchOwen, Tim39149167187-16530
26 (25)The Road to Ell-and BackBaldwin, Simon39137197290-18450
18 (17)Renovation VillaKelly, John/Phil39148176684-18830
28 (26)RuncornruntsLeech, Dave391011185573-18520
29 (27)East Fife 5 Forfar 4Keech, Alan39128196182-21220
32 (33)Hornet's NestMoody, Wayne39813186891-23550
33 (32)Harrop ImpsFranklin, Royce3999216084-24430
27 (29)JazzyJ & the Fresh PrinceMiller, Jeff39119195276-24630
31 (31)The HornettesFarnham, H/N39113256288-26400
35 (35)OdysseyHall, Matt3989225684-28420
34 (36)Uxello GeeksSmith, Richard39105245585-30430
38 (38)Seven Deadly SoulsDavies, Mark39610236093-33230
25 (30)Athletico WidnesO'Brien, Paul391432266100-34760
30 (28)PEAS FCWilliams, Patrick39127205387-34540
37 (37)The Young OnesGerrard, Peter3997236298-36240
36 (34)Cup HolderKershaw, Austin3988235290-38410
39 (39)Wandering GunnersLong, Debra/David39672651108-57040
40 (40)Alves well that ends wellWaller, Simon39582652120-68250
Results - 2008/09