2023/24: LAST WEEK - Scoring only

Season Preview (2010-2011)

Keech the Bookie has completed his season preview below now all teams are in. It is based on past history (last 5 years performance in brackets with the latest first) and only looks at your original team selected this time around if you are newcomer. If your transfers and picks are imaginative and inspirational, clearly Keech the bookie cannot predict that. Hope you take it as it is, a little bit of fun and the challenge is for you to either prove me right or completely wrong !!!

Only get concerned if I predict you to win !  

Latest season first:

1st Craig Frost (2/1F). (3rd, 4th, 37th, 30th, 17th)

With two seasons coming very close its time for Frost to step up to the plate. He talks a fabulous game I am sure he is ready to produce the results the gob predicts. Also I am banking on the fact that there is not a cat in hells chance of me predicting the winner two seasons running!!

2nd Ian Cowburn (5/2). (5th, 15th, 12th, 31st, 18th)

Now Ian may surprise a few this season. Last years effort was much improved, he is now happily married and settled and things may blossom on the FFL front as well.

3rd Tim Owen (11/4). (4th, 22nd, 6th, 11th, 1st)

40 pre season changes says it all. He cannot make a decision to save his life. The pressure grows year on year for our supreme champ. I really dont think he is upto it now. He reminds me of Liverpool now, living in the past 

4th Dan Owen (3/1). (2nd, 7th, 3rd, 9th, 8th)

Dan's best chance may have passed, he has now reached an age where other interests have overtaken MLW. He will deny this but time will tell

5th Rob Bushell (10/3). (1st, 2nd, 4th, 12th, 7th)

After gradual improvement Rob finally (and deservedly) secured the title last season (predicted by Keech the Bookie). Nobody has ever followed up and think that record will stay this season

6th Graham Jeffries (7/2) (14th) 

A decent first effort from Graham and he will be looking for a top ten finish at the very least. I think he may well do it.  

7th Andrew Highton (7/2) (Newcomer)

My prediction for best newcomer. He can and will be guided by Graham and other than a sneaky feeling I have nothing else to go on.

8th Graham Highton (7/2). (30th, 17th, 16th, 14th, 31st)

Having gone nowhere for 3 seasons, Graham declined back to his effort 5 years ago. I have a sneaky feeling this year may bring a big improvement somewhere above anything that has gone before especially as there is some additional rivary within the family.

9th Colin Rigby (4/1). (18th, 19th, 1st, 33rd, 11th)

After winning the league 3 seasons ago Colin has had two disappointing mid-table finishes. I think he will do better time but will still not trouble the leaders again

10th Wayne Moody (4/1). (7th, 32nd, 5th, no entry, no entry)

Other than the blip 2 seasons ago Wayne tends to finish in the pack just behind the leaders, I expect something similar.

11th John/Phil Kelly (9/2). (8th, 18th, 29th, 8th, no entry)

After matching their debut season last time around there will be a fair bit of optimism this season. Added to that Phil's retirement and possibly more time on his hands they will feel they can challenge. 

12th Paul Keech (9/2). (9th, 11th, 22nd, 1st, 12th)

Generally too busy dealing with the day-day running of the competition to even give my team a 2nd thought. As usual a defensive gamble to start with although I actually thought the gamble was Millwall not Hull! 

13th Lynne/Phil Stokoe  (5/1). (12th, 14th, No entry, 22nd, no entry)

Supreme consistency from mum and son partnership in the last couple of years, Lynne needs to gain a roof over her head before she tackles the complexities of MLW this seaon, Phil may have to hold the fort in the meantime.  

14th Russ Farnham (5/1). (17th, 9th, 14th, 6th, 3rd)

Russ had his most disappointing campaign for a long time last season and will need to improve to competed. His lull has matched his beloved Watford recently and his new love of Rugby League may yet again get in the way.

15th Stuart Jones (11/2). (16th, 6th, 7th, 3rd, 14th)

Stu still resists the technology. His drop last season could be attributed in some way to me as I didnt keep him as informed as I should with the details. Good on him for having another go. 

16th Simon Baldwin (11/2). (27th, 26th, 17th, 13th, 2nd)

Based on the decline and trends Simon should finish 30 something, I am looking for him to reverse the trend and head at least to mid-table. He certainly means business with 4 quick transfers. Previously he has held on too long before delving into the transfer marker.

17th Royce Frankin (6/1). (10th, 33rd, 8th, 15th, no entry)

Very mixed fortunes for Royce, improvement last time around and now he has mastered the site a similar position cannot be out of the question.  

18th Andrea Howard (13/2). (33rd, 8th)

Mixed fortunes for Andrea. Started well after an excellent Euro campaign but faltered last season, maybe mixing too much with Weetman and Bates. Likely to finish somewhere in between previous efforts.

19th Simon Barrett (7/1). (Newcomer)

Never met Simon but appears methodical and organised. Always takes a while to master the tactics but feel he will do ok.  

20th Phil Hall (15/2). (21st, 3rd)

After an excellent debut two yeara ago, Phil as predicted faltered last time around. Mid table is predicted again.

21st Lesley Rigby (8/1) (6th)

Its very difficult to gauge which team will do well, its usually one or the other not both. It appears if one of the two teams is up there the other team seems to get left.  

22nd Matthew Wakeman (8/1). (Newcomer)

My new join team partner may need a prod or two but we will put the work in to challenge. His final comments on Thursday "leave Malouda out for this weekend" shows he has much to learn.

23rd Paul Leech (16/1). (38th, 10th, 11th, 5th, 6th)

What the heck happened last time around. Its never been known Mr Leech to faulter so much. I am taking it as a one-off and Paul to get back something more like his best. Competition will be increased as he is now back working with the current champion. 

24th Ben Watson (10/1). (Newcomer)

Ben's possible lack of football knowledge may cause some issues. He has a good backroom team behind him though and he will use everything within his grasp to ensure at least respectability.

25th Patrick Williams (11/1). (13th, 30th, 26th, 29th, 30th)

Perhaps Patrick has learnt his lesson. This season it has taken 2 full days to make his first transfer, he has done well to resist so long. Last season was also a dramatic improvement on what has gone before. Could be interesting.

26th Simon Waller (12/1). (no entry, 28th, no entry, 26th)

A surprise return for the former champ. Was in Belgian when the urge reappeared. Worked into the night to perfect the team, of course left it late but I wouldn't expect any less. Has shown some confidence and the side bets are on already. if he starts well he may well stay up there but a mid season slump could see the interest wain.

27th Ryan (Allison) Moody (14/1). (15th, 16th, 2nd, 4th, No entry).

After the initial promise Ryan has had two very average campaigns. Not sure who is running this one this season as Allison's name was on the entry so difficult to comment.

28th Steve Chaney (9/1). (19th, 13th)

A slight dip last season following a promising first go. Think the bottom half now awaits. 

29th Shaun Moody (16/1) (22nd, no entry, 2nd)

Now Shaun is not easy to predict, his two previous seasons have been very different, the latest under the new rules should provide the most relevent evidence of his chances.

30th Karl Jones (18/1). (Newcomer)

Karls tactics seem sound and he may well do better than expected. My impression though is that perhaps he doesn't have much luck with such competitions.

31st  Paul Gerrard (20/1). (24th, 21st, 18th, 26th, 16th)

Having spoken to Paul about team already luck still evades him. Its funny and therefore easy to predict the final finishing position.  

32nd Jimmy Lyons (20/1). (32nd, 20th, no entry, 25th, 20th)

With no placing higher than 20th in 4 out of 5 seasons entered Jimmy needs to sort himself out. Lets just see what happens.  

33rd Matthew Owen (25/1) (23rd)

Yet more competition now Matt's mate is in. Not sure it will make any difference, probably 4th in the mini league instead of 3rd now

34th Owen Griffiths (22/1). (Newcomer)

Will create additional competition in Shropshire for the Owen boys but ultimately think will be beaten by all of them, nothing more to go on than he has locked himself twice already which doesn't bode well. 

35th Young Gerrards (25/1), (25th, 37th, 36th, 10th, 9th)

Not great over the last 3 seasons. This time around Chris will be the main man. Dont listen to the old man and surely there will some improvement.

36th Alan Keech (33/1). (34th, 29th, 35th, 28th, 23rd)

To pick my dad to finish any higher than halfway would be foolish based on his last few seasons record. Now he is semi retired he may be able to spend more time picking rubbish players.

37th Ishtiaq Beg (33/1). (20th, 23rd)

Season 1 midtable, season 2 midtable, Season 3 - yes you've guessed it, bottom half!!

38th Jeff Miller (50/1). (36th, 27th, 23rd, 17th, 21st)

4 years of decline does not bode well. Jeff will need to participate more to stop the rot.  

39th Matt Hall (50/1). (31st, 35th, 15th, 27th, 10th)

Matt yet again failed to break any pots. As usual will look to beat his bro Phil and Steve Chaney. The challenge is on. 

40th Chris Lyons (66/1) (35th)

Debut season in the lower reaches, no reason to believe there will much improvement on that.

41st Richard Smith (100/1). (37th, 34th)

Richard will hope for better than the two previous efforts. Just one initial early selection may not have helped his cause. 

42nd Alison Bates/John Weetman (150/1) (42nd)

I for one was surprised when Alison continued the partnership after what was a dreadful first campaign. John was clearly hard work. Starting with West Brom may not help either.