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2011/12 Season Winners

This is the location of all past season information. You can select a season from the dropdown list above. It covers the overall winners from 1995 to 2002 and more detail from 2002 to present day by winner, runner-up, monthly winners and cup winners.

2011/12 Season Summary
Category Name
Overall Winner Graham Jeffries 
Runner Up Tim Owen
League Cup  Wayne Moody (Colin Rigby Runner Up) 
FA Cup Paul Gerrard (Patrick Williams Runner Up) 
Pontoon 1 Ian Cowburn 
Pontoon 2 Rob Bushell and Adrian Franklin 
Pontoon 3 Tim Owen 
Pontoon 4 Patrick Williams, John/Phil Kelly, Lynne/Phil Stokoe and Peter/Chris Gerrard 
Pontoon 5 Dan Owen 
August '11 Paul Gerrard 
September '11 Tim Owen
October '11 Margaret Highton 
November '11 Tim Owen 
December '11 Royce Franklin 
January '12 Colin Rigby 
February '12 Craig Frost
March '12 Ish Beg
April/May '12 Peter/Chris Gerrard