2022/23: Month 1 (Aug): Week 03 - Deadline: Fri 19-Aug-2022 19:55

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Hightons dominate Dec prizes

Graham takes first place (£45) and Andrew 2nd (£20)

MLW Cup Results - two replays

MLW Cup results


Graham Highton L1-2 v Royce Franklin L0-1 (REPLAY)

Bing Findlater L1-2 v Matt Wakeman L3-4 (REPLAY)

Graham Jeffries L2-3 v Andrea Howard W2-1

Paul Gerrard L0-6 v Alan Keech L1-4

Paul Keech W5-2 v Jeff Miller L2-3

Craig Frost L0-2 v Colin Rigby W2-1

The 2 replays take place in the next set of fixtures.


MLW - COVID Statement

A number of people have expressed concern regarding the number of postponements due to COVID.

This set of games has seen 12 matches (24 teams) called off, 3 of them have though been due to the weather. It has been exacerbated by the fact that the games come thick and fast at this time of the year.

The committee have had some discussions regarding this.

The first thing to say is that the system is set up to automatically pick up teams or players and place them in your main team if you don’t shift them out of your 7 (or 2 teams). This still happens once the deadline has past (so for example I placed Zaha in the number 8 position and when Everton v Man C was called off he moved into my 7 and his goal counted).

This situation is the equivalent to a bad weather weekend (we have had situations in the past where just 4 or 5 games across the country have taken place) or a FA Cup weekend where a number of teams have no game having already been knocked out. As a football manager we have to deal with it. I always save transfers to get through the difficult winter / FA cup weekend periods and tweak as necessary.

What is happening at the moment is that everyone’s sub squad is being decimated but most have pretty much a full main team. Therefore we are all in the same boat, at the moment just two players have a draw in the sub squad and everyone else is losing, in other words nobody is really gaining or losing in this situation. 

  • We looked at increasing transfer numbers but those who have used most / all would benefit more.
  • Some things we could do would involve website changes which 1) we could not ask Richard to do 2) changing the website mid-season is not recommended.
  • One thing we can do is ensure we have the most comprehensive player list as possible to give you as much choice as possible so more players will be added on the 1st Jan (after the New Year Sale is put in place).
  • We also ensure MLW cup excludes the Sub Squad and FA Cup weekends.

What should you do?

  • Order your teams and players in preference order (1 to 4 and 1 to 14) to make sure you preferred choice comes in if required.
  • Utilise your transfers – 25 is a lot more than we had in years go by – increased for the reason of difficulties at this time of the year.

Many of those teams are reaching the end of their isolation period so at the moment only 3 matches are off for New Year’s Day.

We will keep an eye on things, they may decide to have a fire break and mess with this fixtures, we will deal with that as and when any decisions are made.

Have a great, safe New Year.


Top/Bottom 4 - Dave Tunstall leads the way

Divisional leades are Shaun Tunstall (Prem), John Hyde (Champ), Sam Tunstall (L1) and Andrea Howard (L2)

  Overall Pts Spot on Prem Pts Spot on Champ Pts Spot on L1 Pts Spot on L2 Pts Spot on
1 Dave Tunstall 138 7 Shaun Tunstall  15 3 John Hyde 11 2 Sam Tunstall  30 1 Andrea Howard 24 4



MLW Prelim Cup Draw - games played 28th/29th/30th Dec

Graham Highton v Royce Franklin
Bing Findlater v Matt Wakeman
Graham Jeffries
v Andrea Howard
Paul Gerrard v Alan Keech
Paul Keech v Jeff Miller
Craig Frost v Colin Rigby
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