2022/23: PRE-SEASON - Deadline: Wed 03-Aug-2022 19:40

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Paul Keech v Andrea Howard MLW Cup final

The MLW cup Semi finals are complete and we have our finalists and yes I am one of them against the old foe in Andrea Howard. 

Adrian Franklin (W5-2) v

        Paul Keech (W5-0)


Paul Leech (L0-1) v

          Andrea Howard (W4-2)


The final will take place in week 31 (first weekend in April)


Week 28 complete

Lesley Rigby starts the latest month well with 6pts and leads, me, Matt Wakeman and Paul Gerrard by 1pt.

Overall top 7 stay unchanged, Chris Gerrard has just a 1pt lead over Graham Highton

Graham Highton takes Feb 1st prize

Well done Graham £30 added to the pot, his 7th careeer monthly win

Top 4 Bottom 4 (end of Feb 22)

Latest tables:


1 Andy Peaden 146
2 Paul Borg 147
3 Simon Ashworth 148


Divisional leaders

Prem Pts Champ Pts L1 Pts L2 Pts
Shaun Tunstall  6 Andy Peaden 34 Andy Peaden 34 Simon Ashworth 29


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MLW QF Results

All 4 games were decided this weekend, Man C defence playing a pivotal role!

Adrian Franklin 3pts to 0 beat Chris Gerrard

Paul Keech 3pts to 0 beat Graham Highton

Paul Leech 3 points to -1 beat Bing Findlater

Andrea Howard 4pts to 3 beat Simon Baldwin

Semi final games will be played week 28 (we 4th to 7th March)

2021/22 MLW Cup | My Lost Weekend FFL

Showing 11 - 15 of 107 Items (Page 3 of 22)