2022/23: PRE-SEASON - Deadline: Wed 03-Aug-2022 19:40

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All winnings will be despatched within 7-10 days of the season end. I will email to let you know what you have won and request a decision asap as to whether you want it sending or adding to the pot for next season. If I send it please let us know when you have received it. The end of season review will follow asap.  


Final Week

With just 1 week to go it looks like newcomer and Watford fan Shaun Moody will gain some consolation for his teams relegation by winning the My Lost Weekend Fantasy League for this season. He would also get the bonus of the Trophy for 12 months. Lets see if he can hang on.

Mystery Solved - Trophy located

Amazingly after 4 years the much coveted trophy has turned up (see MLW - League section of the forum). Ken Trainer has located the prize possession (probably at the back of the wardrobe). He probably thought winning it for the 2nd time entitled him to keep it (does he not realise that you must win it 3 times, dont tell Tim though). I have requested Mr Bushell, who received the surprise news, to go through hell and high water to retrieve the trophy in time for the end of this season. We can clean it up (remove the fishy smell!) and get the additional plaques added.  

What with the new website and the offer of the trophy as an additional prize we are going to have to fight them off with a stick next season.

Just 6 weeks to go !

Only 6 weeks to go. With the busy Easter programme nearly upon us and only one monthly prize available time to get them final transfers/loans arranged before it is too late.

March Prizes

Shaun Moody in his first MLW season has collected the March monthly prize (and the top scorer prize) and finds his way into the Hall of Fame. Stu Jones amazingly landed 2nd spot from 12th place as all the challengers fell away in the last week. This is Stu's 3rd runner up prize in 4 months but the main monthly prize eludes him.
Showing 101 - 105 of 107 Items (Page 21 of 22)